Palm beach moves it is all about Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.  We hope to attract realtors to advertise with us.

My name is Mitsy and I grew up in Vero beach.  Vero is just north of West Palm Beach and south of Sebastian inlet.  Some of my fondest memories are running around with my friends on the beach when I was young.  I loved to play beach volleyball and also jogging on the beach.

The business climate of a beach town is wonderful.  Often you’ll find that people are very relaxed, however, they also are capable of affording most business offerings.

Among some of the most successful businesses in the Palm Beach area are not only real estate agencies but also open air restaurants, cafes and other types of entertainment. Generally people that live in Palm Beach and love to live directly on the coast, however, for people that are buying on a budget.

One of the reasons for this website is to encourage people to get outdoors and off to the beach. Did you know that about a third of the population reacts to negative ions produced along the shore line (by breaking water molecules) as if they had taken mood enhancing drug?

So, get out there, see if your mood changes when you get around the ocean. Whether you are into fishing, boating, swimming or general recreation, Palm Beach has something to offer anyone.