Fall in Love with Florida’s East Coast


Living on the East Coast of Florida

Anyone moving to Florida will wonder which coast is better, the east or the west. The west coast is also known as the gulf coast. Unless you have got a job in some city on the east coast or west coast, and unless you have predefined plans for your business, then the entire state is up for assessment and you may end up tinkering will all cities, right from Jacksonville to Miami, from Purta Gorda to Tampa. Check out the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce to learn more about Palm Beach.

Living on the east coast of Florida can be amazing, especially if you like tourist hotspots, people from around the world congregating in one or a couple cities, bustling business and shopping districts and metropolitan lifestyles. East coast is always bustling with energy. There are people from around the world at any given time of the year. The sunrises in the east coast are as romantic as they can get and the calm sea, the underwater activities and of course the luxury of Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Key Largo among others are at your disposal.

But there are certain demerits of moving to the east coast of Florida. Unless you love tourists and chockablock hotspots in the cities, you aren’t going to like the congestion. The frantic activity and the urban jungle so to speak may not be to your liking. Comparing that to the relatively calm cities in the west coast, it is much more steady-paced and predictable. But the gulf coast is hotter than the east coast. Many people prefer the gulf coast because it is unlikely to get hit by a hurricane directly. The east coast is the one that faces the wrath of hurricanes head-on.

East Coast of Florida is relatively much safer. The cities are better provisioned and even if you take weekends or short trips into consideration, the east coast is a much better place for moving with your family. Certain cities on the west coast are much more affordable but with higher crime rates and lower graduation rates, they don’t really feature as a preference for most families.

You can consider all the cities on the east coast and also some interior places, those that are an hour or so from the coast, as they would offer you all the pleasures of the coastal cities, towns or counties but would also bring down the cost of living.