Make Every Day a Beach Day


The health benefits of living close to the beach

Before modern cities were developed based on their socioeconomic and geopolitical factors, most people used to live near rivers and seas, or oceans. Riverbanks were fertile and that facilitated cultivation.

Coastal locales were good for trade and fishing.

Today, modernization of civic amenities have ensured that you can get purified or filtered tap water even if you are in a hamlet or at a resort up in some hills. Living close to the beach has many advantages but none of them are as significant as the health benefits. If you are thinking of relocation, then you should factor in the health benefits of living close to the beach.

  • One of the most important reasons to live close to the beach is the fresh air. Some people may argue that the sea breeze can make some people uncomfortable but that is only in the beginning and that too for very few people. Getting accustomed to the sea breeze is no daunting challenge. Breathing in fresh air has become sort of a luxury. Landlocked cities or towns don’t enjoy fresh air. Urban jungles and industrial corridors are foes of your health, especially if you have some respiratory problems already. Whether it is the land breeze or the sea breeze, the cycle ensures that a coastal locale would always have some fresh air. It is to be noted however that there are some coastal locations which are heavily industrialized and they aren’t the ideal choice for relocation if you want the health benefits.


  • Living close to the beach paves the way for an active lifestyle. You are likely to take a walk on the beach every day, possibly twice or thrice a day. You would spend time running or jogging or playing outdoors. You may go for a swim. You may indulge in scuba diving or any kind of water sport that you like and you would do this more often than frequent, not once in a while as is common on weekends or vacations. All such activities help you to lose weight. You would be more agile and fit. You can fight obesity, your blood pressure would be better regulated and you can also manage your blood glucose levels. This is one reason why people think of moving to a coastal city or right onto a beachfront home when they retire or are ailing.


  • The sun, the sand and the surf, they all are good for your health. A little exposure to the sun is good for the skin. The sand and the seawater are natural cleansers. Then there is the seafood to gorge on. Unlike beef and pork and bacon or lamb, seafood is a healthy source of protein and not to forget the nutritious fish oils.