Palm Beach Rocks!

palmbeach.pic (picture from Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Site)

Moving To Palm Beach Florida

Moving to Palm Beach is a great idea. Palm Beach in Florida has a livability score of 87 out of 100. It is ranked 6 in the state and 62 in the country. The county is very well provisioned. Local amenities, groceries, shopping centers, schools, parks, restaurants and entertainment hotspots are sprinkled all across so wherever you live you are going to get everything within a mile or so. The housing market is pretty stable in the county so you aren’t looking at any real estate bubble or staggering inflation. The graduation rate of Palm Beach is an impressive 96% which is 17% higher than rest of Florida.

Palm Beach is relatively safe with crime rates 46% lower than rest of the state and violent crime rates 85% lower than Florida. The cost of living index is pretty high considering it is 83% more than Florida but that is a necessary evil you have to deal with should you want to enjoy your life.

You may consider moving to Palm Beach for numerous reasons. Jobs and business being two obvious factors but other than that there are many advantages. The weather, the tourist hotspots and the fascinating life are just some of the perks of living in Palm Beach. Imagine having Miami an hour and a half away, Orlando at about two and a half hours, Fort Lauderdale only an hour away and Key Largo about two hours away. Every weekend can be something anew and afresh for you and your family. Palm Beach isn’t just great for kids and grownups but also great for the elderly or the retired. There is so much to do that not a single day would go by without having something interesting to indulge in. From amazing happy hours to scuba diving, great golf courses to unending events throughout the year, moving to Palm Beach is in a way signing up for a party that never ends.

Palm Beach is a blessed place, not just with the fascinating places around it and the boat shows, the super rich and the amazing people that live down here but also with the climate. Spring comes in early, winters are mild, there can be some rain in the afternoon during summers leading up to the fall but the rain wouldn’t impair your movements and wouldn’t inconvenience you through the day.

Palm Beach is a paradise in its own right.