Saanich Marine Shoreline Mapping Request for $80,000 Gets Initial Approval – Saanich News

Protecting sensitive shorelines in Saanich is now on the radar of district decision makers.

A request for $80,000 in funding to support marine shoreline mapping was unanimously approved by Saanich Council and forwarded to budget discussions. Mapping methodologies are designed to help protect ecologically sensitive ecosystems.

The information gathered from the mapping work will help the district plan for environmental protection of coastal shorelines, Mayor Fred Haynes said.

A council report. Rebecca Mersereau and staff featured at the Jan. 10 board meeting said the funding would be a valuable addition to the rehabilitation recommendations.

The Harbor Ecological Inventory Assessment is a locally developed mapping system that gained prominence in 1997 and was applied to coastal shoreline projects in Victoria and Esquimalt harbors by the Capital Regional District. The report recommended that Saanich use this methodology moving forward.

“The shortcomings of the CRD project include some of our most vulnerable coastal areas between Cordova Bay and Cadboro Bay,” Mersereau said during the talks.

Restoration efforts would include protecting and restoring natural coastal processes and addressing the impacts of erosion and sea level rise. Native trees and plantings used by coastal wildlife would also support rehabilitation goals, Mersereau said.

Conducting additional studies and collecting data can provide more information to address the impacts of climate change, she added.

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