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A handful of Sea Park residents took charge of transforming the beach parking lot.

Brett Easton, who has taken the area under his wing, says he would like communities to support the idea so they can further beautify the area.

Before: The parking lot is in ruins and littered with rubbish.

The before and after photos of the region show a drastic and super impressive transformation.

Mr Easton and other locals not only picked up bags and bags of trash, but also trimmed the bush that opened up the parking lot.

During shad season, the area was littered with broken glass, fishing lines, bait boxes and piles of garbage.

After: Alec Sammons, Brett Easton and Diane Wolter make the difference in the parking lot and beach at Sea Park.

Another resident, Alec Sammons kindly helped organize Ray Nkonyeni Municipality new trash cans who was wonderful and available to help.

Another local, Diane Wolter, was instrumental in helping Mr. Easton turn things around.

Mr. Easton said everyone is the solution to pollution, and it starts with you.

He added that the South Coasters are lucky to live in paradise and we all need to take care of it and keep it clean.

Before: Broken glass and piles of discarded fishing gear and rubbish were commonplace.

Mr. Easton said the hard work and eagerness to make a difference is already paying off.

“I already see bathers helping to keep the area clean,” he added.

If anyone has any hardy native plants, pavers or bricks for a trail, please contact Diane on 0710324843.


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