Wollongong amazed by the multiple jets of water along the coast | News from the region

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Mother Nature put on a spectacular show off the coast of Wollongong, south of Sydney, on Monday morning, with giant downpours seen from the sky. Carolyn Hitchcock was in the car when she saw some beautiful “fluffy clouds” around 9:30 am. So she stopped on Bong Bong Road in Horsley to take pictures, when a full jet of water began to form. “I’ve never seen one before, only photos on Facebook and in the media,” she said. “I saw a couple of them on the right and they looked like they were about to form but they came to nothing. Then I saw [the main one] and thought “it’s certainly a waterspout”. “It’s just a really good balance of everything,” the meteorologist told the Mercury. swirl in the atmosphere, but it must be calm enough that there is a slight change in the direction of the wind as it rises. “for the formation of downpours.” It’s not a huge change in wind direction, it could also be the wind speed, “she said.” It’s just a way to get a rolling motion in the air moving and enough of an elevator going to extend it goes up. “


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